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    Lauren Burnell, USN

    Information Warfare Officer

    Security Solutions Architect (PCMG)

    Lis helped me go from nothing (just FITREP and awards) to a concise and powerful one-page resume. She provided everything including a template, example and suggestions on how to "civilianize" my job descriptions. I've now attended multiple military job fairs and have received extremely positive feedback about my resume format and content! She also talked me through a number of standard questions and best practices for performing well during interviews. Whether you're starting from scratch or already have a resume and just need an expert's opinion, she can help you navigate through your transition.




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    Christopher Gerbas, USA

    Aviation Officer

    Management Consultant (The Boston Consulting Group)

    Transitioning to the private sector after knowing nothing but the military for a decade was a leap into the unknown. You don’t know what you don’t know; it’s as simple as that. Lis was instrumental in filling the gaps and giving me sound advice that got me to where I am today. From applying to business school, to networking and recruiting, to case interview preparation, she was involved in every step of the process.. Unlike military headhunters, Lis has personal knowledge of the private sector (both as a candidate and as a recruiter). Her experience allowed her to prepare and assist me initially, for business school and then later with employers. I cannot thank Lis enough for all her assistance and guidance.




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    Victor Szeligowski, USMC

    Communications Officer

    Technology Project Manager (AT&T)

    When I began my transition out of the Marine Corps, I thought that I had a good plan for finding a new career, and that I was executing the details well enough to get hired. I realized after a good amount of time spent job hunting that my resume was not written to make me marketable, much less competitive, to civilian readers looking for future employees. After a few short sessions with Lis, this ineffective resume was transformed into a document that generated multiple interviews. The transition coaching and mentorship that followed gave me a good idea of just how much I had been missing before getting her support. Within a couple of weeks, I had multiple offers to choose from for my new career. The things that I learned from Lis will carry into the future phases of my career in the private sector. I can't thank Lis enough for her skill and experience in helping to make my transition faster and easier.