• Our Areas of Focus

    Not seeing exactly what you're looking for? We'll create a custom career development path just for you!

    -Strengths / Aptitude Assessments


    - Career / Admissions Roadmap Creation


    -Resume Translation, Writing and Development


    - Narrowing the Job Search


    -How to Navigate Job Fairs (SACC-friendly!)


    -Interview Preparation


    -Networking Dos and Don'ts


    -How to market yourself on LinkedIn


    -Weighing Job Offers

  • How It Works

    Only you can land your dream job. We will give you the tools to get there!

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    During your free consult, we will work with you to determine your career goals and develop a personalized strategy for your success.

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    As a Boots to Board client, you have access to our entire team and resources. Networking not your thing? Together, we will make you into a networking guru!

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    Boots to Board helps with translating your resume from the government to the private sector, drafting and editing cover letters, and the entire job application process.

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    Our series of mock interviews will help you gain the company knowledge and confidence you need to set yourself apart!



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    We will help you compare and negotiate mulitiple job offers and ultimately determine which job is the best for you!

  • Career Packages

    Below are sample packages that we have put together for our clients.

    Resume Package

    Goal: Translate Your Accomplishments


    -1:1 sessions for resume review (as needed)

    -1 standard industry template

    -Complete resume writing



    LinkedIn Package

    Goal: Learn How to Network Remotely

    Personalized LinkedIn profile

    1 - 50 minute LinkedIn "how-to" tutorial session

    1 - 50 minute session devoted to finding and reaching out to connections

    1 - 50 minute online networking strategy session




    Networking Package

    Goal: Become a Networking Guru


    4 - 30 minute resume review sessions and resume template

    5 - 1 hour Career Prep Sessions (topics include but not limited to): Laying the foundation (search, resume, branding)

    Gaining Access (unique hiring channels, events, networking, referrals)

    Converting Opportunities (research, crafting your story, interview prep)

    Weighing Your Options (locale, work/life balance, comp, growth)



    Interview Package

    Goal: Find and Land Your Dream Job


    1 - 30 minute resume review session

    1 - Industry standard resume template

    2- 50 minute interview preparation sessions (topics include but not limited to:

    interview types and questions, how to prepare answers ahead of time, connecting your resume to the questions, phone and video interview nuances)

    2 - 30 minute mock interviews and feedback




    Individual Sessions - $195

    Goal: A la carte skills development





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